The Literary Bone-Pit

A Classical Journal in a Modern Age

14 March
Nothing in particular, really.

I'm just a thirty-something software developer by profession, and a fustrated philosopher by nature.

I started this live-journal to act as a muse of sorts with my personal studies, and to also to help cultivate friendships. I'll post ideas on things I am reading as the ideas come to me. I'll also post stuff I worked on previously when I'm too lazy to post something new.

Any comments are warmly welcomed.

Personal stuff will be kept to a relative minimal. I'll try to keep personal problems and angst to zero.

I don't mind receiving messages and the like. I do need to be able to identify someone trying to message me, though. If I can relate some messenger profile information to someone on my friend's list, that's fine. Due to getting ICQ spammed with porn nonsense, I may decline requests from people I don't recognize.